Boston, May 2002 Photos

Boston skyline from Quincy Marriott, May 19, 2002 kpapai photo

Genia gave us a Back Bay loop tour, starting near the Christian Science complex, through Newbury Street and to the Boston Commons park. I took a lot of photos as I walked along with Genia, Denise, Ralph and my wife Cindy.
the Boston Quincy Marriott, May 19, 2002 kpapai photo The Quincy Marriott, a one year old complex, built on a stone quarry capping a business and medical complex.

Quincy Adams T station, May 19, 2002 kpapai photo Waiting for the T at the Quincy Adams station.
Prudential building on left, 5/19/02 kpapai photo Prudential building on left - a mix of the old and the new from Back Bay neighborhood as we started our walk. What is the name of that interesting 'circular' building in foreground?

Prudential building, another view, 5/19/02 kpapai photo Another view
Christian Science campus, 5/19/02 kpapai photo The Christian Science campus - very impressive.
Christian Science Monitor and religion, founded by Mary Baker Eddy.

Christian Science monolith building, 5/19/02 kpapai photo More - The Christian Science campus - the monolith like concrete building 25+ stories tall.
good friends!, 5/19/02 kpapai photo Good friends! - Cindy, Ralph, Denise, and Genia (our tour guide as well). You can see Ralph goofing off too. Ha ha ha!
Hancock building, 5/19/02 kpapai photo The Hancock Building in the background.
Hancock building closeup, 5/19/02 kpapai photo Zoomed in view.
Hancock building and moon, 5/19/02 kpapai photo The Moon is on the upper left in this striking shot of the very old and the very modern.
Lunch for 5 at La Famiglia Giorgio's, 5/19/02 kpapai photo

Lunch at La Famiglia GIORGIO'S
at 250 Newbury Street. They feature big portions but bland tomato sauces. Here's a mini review.

Boston Commons

Boston Commons flowers, 5/19/02 kpapai photo Boston Commons flowers, 5/19/02 kpapai photo
Boston Commons flowers, 5/19/02 kpapai photo

Ken & Cindy, 5/18/02 photo

My cousin Karen's photos webpage of 5/17 - 5/18/02 parties.
Ralph's photo album - Denise & Ralph took some fun party pictures too!

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