San Francisco Grand Prix
Sept. 9, 2001

Hincapie photo by Mark VandenBerghe George Hincapie waiting for the race to start.
Photo by Mark VandenBerghe.
Lap 1 - first up Fillmore hill is Jelly Belly's Kirk Albers (#81). Nine guys are in the lead group, about 20 seconds in front. US Postal has Kenny Labbe (#9) and Lombardi Sports' Colby Farrell (#122) are also in this first group. Also included are Saturn's Eric Wohlberg (#30), Harm Jansen (#24) and Trent Klasna (#25). Mercury has Mike Sayers (#15) and Gord Fraser (#12). Corona/Mastercard has S. Camil (#61, Mexico).
Lap 1 - Tim Noakes (Webcor/Alto Velo) finishing off the climb, ahread of the pack. Tim started the day off with the first attack. One of his teammates is N. Peter Armitage.
Lap 1 - the Pack finish the Fillmore climb. This sequence really shows how steep the final block of the climb is - about 20% at this point; the steepest of any race anywhere.

Link to a fairly accurate starting list from

Lap 2
The 2nd lap leaders to the top - 8 shot sequence (112KB image) including Mike Sayers, Gord Fraser, Trent Klasna, Eric Wohlberg, Jansen, et al.
The 2nd lap pack to the top - 7 shot sequence (219KB) with Lance Armstrong in it (near the bottom of the sequence). At this point the pack was just 25 seconds behind the 8 leaders. John Peters (Mercury, from Santa Rosa, Calif.) is right behind Lance.

Lap 3
Saturn has the lead, lap 3, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Saturn in the lead, lap 3. This looks like Trent Klasna.
Photos by Ken Papai
Lance Armstrong - US Postal, lap 3, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Lance Armstrong - US Postal, has won the three previous Tours de France! Lance is now just 2 minutes behind the leaders (and he closed that gap fast on next two laps).
Kenny Labbe - US Postal, lap 3, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Kenny Labbe - US Postal, lap 3. This was Kenny's final lap after he was in the lap 1 lead group. Kenny is a letter carrier and a Cat. 1 from Chicago. Note the Mavic support crew wheels just ahead of him. At this point he is exactly 2'41" behind the lead group.

Lap 4
Saturn retains the lead, lap 4, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Saturn still in the lead, lap 4, Trent Klasna again with Mike Sayers close behind.
Ekimov, lap 4, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Ekimov (Us Postal, #3), lap 4, leading Walters (Canada, Navigators) and John Kelly (Webcor/Alto Velo). (John Kelly was the first non-pro to finish this race, he came in 18th overall) This little chase group is just 8 seconds ahead of Hincapie and Armstrong. Lance would join Eki on the next lap of course.
Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie, lap 4, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Lance Armstrong chasing (in the middle), lap 4, with George Hincapie at the left. Lance and Eki are about ready to install Hincapie into the lead group. However the chase with Lance and George is still 2'20" behind the lead group on this 4th lap.

Lap 5
Mike Sayers in the lead, lap 5, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Mercury in the lead, lap 5, Mike Sayers is King of the Mountain this time!
Dylan Casey, lap 5, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Dylan Casey (US Postal), lap 5, this is a local race to Dylan (from Mountain View, Calif.)

Lap 6
Tyler Hamilton, lap 6, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Tyler Hamilton (US Postal), on lap 6. Tyler is leaving USPS for Team CSC-Tiscali in 2002.

Klasna photo by Mark VandenBerghe Klasna powering to the top!
Photo by Mark VandenBerghe.
Armstrong photo by Mark VandenBerghe Lance Armstrong going to the top
Photo by Mark VandenBerghe.
Lombardi Sports racer, photo by Mark VandenBerghe Lombardi Sports racer (local San Francisco Cat. 1 team) to the top. Is this Mike Taylor?
Photo by Mark VandenBerghe.

Lap 7
Klasna and Hincapie, lap 7, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Trent Klasna and George Hincapie cresting on lap 7. These two guys had it all today.
Photos by Ken Papai.
Armstrong, Ekimov and more, lap 7, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Armstrong and Ekimov form an elite chase group with a Navigator and Saturns. Lance would eventually drop out after lap 8 while Ekimov went on to secure 6th place. Tim Johnson (#26, Saturn), next to Eki, is a former USA Cyclocross Champ.
Armstrong, Ekimov, Davidenko, Mark McCormack, lap 7, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Armstrong and Ekimov with Davidenko (Navigators) and Mark McCormack (Saturn) coming off of the climb heading down Broadway.

Lap 8
The leaders bear the top of steep Fillmore hill, kpapai 9/09/01 photo The 6 Leaders climbing, lap 8. The grade is 20% here! (more than double L'Alpe d'Huez)
Lance Armstrong and the cheering crowd, lap 8, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Lance Armstrong, lap 8. Mark McCormack is right behind him; Mark won yesterday's race in San Rafael. These two are 1'40" behind the leaders at this point.
Climbing Fillmore, lap 8, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Climbing Fillmore, The strong guys, like Lance, go straight up, other zig-zag ("paper-boy" it up). This is 20 seconds after the previous picture of Lance and Mark. 20 seconds to go 50 meters!
The pack Climbing Fillmore, lap 8, kpapai 9/09/01 photo Climbing/Zig-zagging Fillmore (large image), several have exploded here. What an awesome stretch. These guys are exactly 5 minutes back from the leaders now.
The "Green Meanies" - 3 rather large SF cops who brought up the rear of the race.
Lap 9

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Page created 9/10/01 kpapai. Updated 9/14/01 (To Penn., Pentagon, and New York City: - R.I.P.)
All photos Copyright (c) 2001 by Ken Papai.

Results from
1 George Hincapie (USA) US Postal Service         5.20.42 for 210 km.
2 Michael Barry (Can) Saturn                         0.01
3 Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn                          0.10
4 Mark Walters (Can) Navigators                      1.13
5 Mark McCormack (USA) Saturn                        4.32
6 Viatcheslav Ekimov (Rus) US Postal Service
7 Vassili Davidenko (Rus) Navigators                 4.41
8 Kirk O'Bee (USA) Navigators                        4.55
9 Chris Wherry (USA) Mercury
10 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Saturn                        9.48
11 Tim Johnson (USA) Saturn
12 Harm Jansen (Ned) Saturn
13 Glen Mitchell (NZl) Navigators                   12.30
14 Chris Fisher (USA) Saturn
15 Jason McCartney (USA) Jelly Belly
16 Brendon Vesty (NZl) Navigators      
17 Luca Barla (Ita) Saeco                           13.23
18 John Kelly (USA) Alto Velo-Webcor      
19 Thomas Frischnecht (Swi) Alto Velo-Webcor        13.25
20 Scottie Weiss (USA) Zaxby's-DeFeet               13.38
21 Jon Hamblen (USA) Cannondale-Wheelworks          13.56
22 Steve Larsen (USA) Prime Alliance                14.30
23 Ted Huang (USA) Alto Velo-Webcor
24 Dirk Friel (USA) Zaxby's-DeFeet
25 James Matthis (USA) Alto Velo-Webcor
26 Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Lombardi Sports         
27 Patrick Heaney (USA) Lombardi Sports             17.14
28 Domingo Gonzalez (Mex) Corona-MasterCard         17.45